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We, PCC, are an owner-managed group of companies headquartered in Duisburg, Germany. Our biggest Group unit is the Chemicals division with its segments Surfactants, Polyols, Chlorine, Specialty Chemicals and Consumer Products. We also have major interests in the field of logistics.

PCC was founded in 1993 by Waldemar Preussner, who, as its sole shareholder, is today Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Group parent and holding company, PCC SE. Our project in Lülsdorf is being promoted by our wholly owned subsidiary PCC Integrated Chemistries GmbH, currently also based in Duisburg.

As an investor aligned to the long term, PCC SE holds interests in 80 companies with more than 3,200 employees worldwide. Most of our sites are in Europe, especially Eastern Europe and there primarily in Poland, and in Iceland. We also operate in the USA, Asia and Africa. Consolidated sales in 2020 amounted to 716.8 million euros.

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The Chemicals division of PCC

Our biggest Group division comprises the segments Polyols, Surfactants, Chlorine, Specialty Chemicals and Consumer Products. In the Polyols and Surfactants segments in particular, we have accumulated decades of experience in the safe handling of ethylene oxide, the product that we intend to manufacture in Lülsdorf.

Our biggest Group company is PCC Rokita SA, which is headquartered in the small Polish town of Brzeg Dolny, Wroclaw. Among other things, it is a major producer of chlorine and Eastern Europe’s leading manufacturer of polyether polyols, which are the basic materials used in the production of PU foams for mattresses. PCC Exol SA, also based in Brzeg Dolny, is a primary manufacturer of surfactants for a wide range of applications from personal care products to cleaning agents. Our most important commodity trading company is PCC Trade & Services GmbH domiciled in Duisburg, Germany.

PCC Rokita SA and PCC Exol SA have been using ethylene oxide in production for several decades and operate ethylene oxide tank farms in Poland, where the regulations governing the handling of hazardous substances are just as strict as in Germany. We therefore have extensive experience in the safe handling of this chemical, including its storage and transport. Given its wealth of expertise, PCC Rokita SA is providing the personnel for the technical management of the project in Lülsdorf.

Sustainable development is at the heart of our Group strategy. PCC Rokita SA, for example, has for many years been listed in the RESPECT sustainability index of the Polish stock exchange in Warsaw. In Iceland, we commissioned a silicon metal production plant in 2018 that counts among the most advanced in the world. We obtain 100% of the energy for operating the plant from renewable sources such as geothermal deposits. We pursue all our investments on the basis of environmentally compatible and thus energy-saving and economically efficient technologies – as in the case of our project in Lülsdorf. Our laboratories produce promising, economically viable innovations and help to make products in many industries more durable, safer and more environmentally compatible.

Thus we create new enterprise value aligned to the long term.

In so doing, we attach great importance to developing a good relationship based on trust with our partners and neighbors at all our locations. Got a question regarding PCC or our project? Then get in touch >>

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