We would like to have a conversation with you!

As a responsible company, we are duty-bound to provide the right information to all interested parties, especially our neighbors, in a timely and transparent manner. So we would like to open up the dialog right now with regard to our planned Lülsdorf site project, confident in the knowledge that this will enable us to come closer together as good neighbors.

This applies to the entire process from the planning and construction phases to commissioning and actual plant operation: If we decide in favor of the Lülsdorf site, we would like to play an active role in the local community, just as we do at our other sites.

The purpose of this website is to regularly inform all stakeholders on the aims and progress of the planned project. Under News we will be keeping you up to date with the latest developments and news items relating to the project. And you will be able to find answers to the more common questions pertaining to the project under FAQ. We provided details face-to-face about the project at a public information event on Saturday, February 8, 2020.

Got questions or concerns regarding our project?

Then simply call +49 (0)2066 90 80 90
(currently: Monday – Friday: 10.00-12.00 hours)

or email us at nachbarschaft@pcc-luelsdorf.de.